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10th Anniversary Bundle

10th Anniversary Bundle


In honor of the the 10th Anniversary of Roots by the River, we have put together a special anniversary bundle of products with a selection spanning from the first release to the most recent:

The items in this bundle would sell for $113.50 if purchased individually, but we are bundling them for the reduced price of just $103.50 for a limited time! It may not seem like a very big discount, but for a small company with a tight bottom line, it’s HUGE (and unlike those amazing deals offering hundreds off a falsely inflated price – this discount is 100% real!) 🙂 As a little bonus, we will also include five printed copies each of The Liberty Letter and A Prayer for the Nation with your order so you can share them with family, friends, and neighbors.

5 books, 3 CDs  $103.50

Other Literature – Page 2

Jesse and the Prince of Peace Chloe and Her First Love Poems of the Path
As I Read It: The Constitution One Priceless Gift (son) One Priceless Gift (daughter)
A Mother’s Heart on Proverbs    

A Mother’s Heart on Proverbs

A Mother's Heart on Proverbs


A Mother’s Heart on Proverbs includes over one hundred fifty entries on selected proverbs – entries written over a span of ten years! These have been collected into a single volume not only for our children but also with the hope that these may be of help to other young people as well.   View samples.


269 pages, 6″ x 9″ softcover.  $18.00


More titles available on page 1 !

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