Giant Print

Introducing our new line of Giant Print books! These books are designed to benefit the elderly, those of any age with impaired vision, and those with dyslexia by including larger pages, increased print size, a sans serif font, and improved spacing between letters (making them easier to distinguish).

When shopping for giant print books for gifts, we found the market limited to romance novels, adult mysteries, and puzzle books (especially for those wishing to avoid purchasing through Amazon). So we created the giant-print edition of Carol Bird to use as a Christmas gift, and it is our desire to bring additional wholesome family reading selections to the giant-print market over time.

As we continue to build this series, titles will be drawn from our growing line of Whatsoever Things novels and our Other Literature selections. Each title will have a full-size sample chapter that you can print out, so you can see before ordering whether this format might be beneficial to someone you know and love.

The Birds’ Christmas Carol introduces us to Carol who, though confined to her bed, endeavors to bless both her family and her neighbors. A selection of short stories and poems rounds out the book and inspires one to honor Christ all year through. Character qualities emphasized include: generosity, reverence, forbearance, and contentment. View a sample story.
2 giant print volumes, 501 total pages, 8.5″ x 11″ softcover.  $32.50


Titles in a 6″x9″ format available here !

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