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Jesse and the Prince of Peace Poems of the Path As I Read It: The Constitution One Priceless Gift

Jesse and the Prince of Peace

Jesse and the Prince of Peace


Set in Israel about two thousand years ago and perfect for a family read-aloud, the story of Jesse and the Prince of Peace shows how this young boy’s life changed when he came face to face with the Messiah. Many truths from the Gospels of Luke and John are interwoven throughout.  View a sample chapter and reviews.


194 pages, 6″ x 9″ softcover.  $12.00  

Poems of the Path

Poems of the Path


Poems of the Path is a collection of more than 160 poems written by our eldest daughter over a span of about seventeen years. Eight topical sections touch on themes such as the life of Christ, family, ministry, world and church history, praise, and more. A number of the poems are inspired by various Scripture passages, many of which are referenced or included in the book. Includes pen-and-ink illustrations by our second-oldest daughter. View sample pages.


206 pages, 6″ x 9″ softcover.  $12.00

As I Read It: One Man’s Understanding of the Constitution

As I Read It: One Man's Understanding of the Constitution

In a country awash with numerous books and articles about the Constitution, how is this one different? It was written by a husband and father who has a love of liberty, who believes the Constitution is still important, and who appreciates the Founders’ vision of a very limited central government.


Includes historical and cultural black and white images. Read sample here.

126 pages, 6″ x 9″ softcover.  $10.50
e-book version (PDF)  $9.00

One Priceless Gift

One Priceless Gift

We created this book as a keepsake to present to our oldest sons when they became adults with the hope that it would remind them of the most important precepts we taught them and inspire them to make those precepts their own and pass them on. We encourage you to secure a copy while your sons are still young and use it to help your family chart a course for raising men of integrity. While we cannot live our sons lives for them, we can offer them a solid foundation and continue praying for them to build wisely upon it. The title, One Priceless Gift, refers both to the blessing of a son and to the wholesome, Christ-centered childhood his parents have sacrificed to give him. Pages below give a sample of topics in the book; others included are family relationships, stewardship, purity, service, history, and more!

[We hope to release a daughter’s edition of One Priceless Gift in the coming year.]

48 pages, 8.5″ x 11″, full-color photos, premium hardcover.  $26.00

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