Picture Study

Charles W. Peale and Sons Jean-François Millet Mary Stevenson Cassatt John James Audubon
Pierre-Auguste Renoir

An easy way to implement picture study with your family.  Each Picture Study Pack contains ten works printed in full color on lightweight, letter-size cardstock, as well as basic facts about the artist and a sheet of helpful notes that parents can reference when discussing various works with their children.  The included works have been specially selected to be those most worthy of a child’s time and attention (with consideration being given to such qualities as loveliness, modesty, order, and faithfulness in portraying a given subject).  Each art pack comes in a clear plastic storage envelope.

You can read a short article on picture study here.


Charles W. Peale and Sons Picture Study Pack includes The Sisters, Portrait of John and Elizabeth Lloyd Cadwalader and their Daughter Anne, Still Life: Basket of Peaches, and seven more!



Jean-François Millet Picture Study Pack includes The Sower, Woman Baking BreadCliff of Gréville, and seven more!


Cassatt_new - web size

Mary Stevenson Cassatt Picture Study Pack includes Lilacs in a Window, Mother and Child (Maternal Kiss)The Boating Party, and seven more!


Audubon - web size

John James Audubon Picture Study Pack includes Wild Turkey, Pileated WoodpeckerLouisiana Heron, and ten more!  Special expanded pack.



Pierre-Auguste Renoir Picture Study Pack includes The White Pierrot, Girls at PianoThe Sunset, and seven more!

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