a brand-new early elementary
mathematics curriculum!



  • Able to be used by multiple children in a family
  • Short lessons, integrates easily with daily life
  • Clear directions and examples written to the child
  • No more than one new concept introduced per lesson
  • Large print and uncluttered pages
  • Family-friendly word problems
  • Key has definitive answers (avoids use of “answers may vary”)
  • Able to be used multiple years, a minimum of three standard school years’ worth of material since book contains 550 daily lessons … An average child will take much longer to complete all the units, if used as directed, repeating many of the lessons for mastery
  • Developed by a homeschooling family specifically for homeschooling families
  • Covers all four basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) as well as “Working with Numbers” units (reading and writing numbers, Roman numerals, greater than/less than, place values, rounding, averaging, graphs, and more!)
  • Recommended for ages 6 and up

Principles Underlying Creation of Math for the Master(y) (PDF)

Complete Table of Contents (PDF)

Sample Pages (PDF)


$150  Bundle #1
Math for the Master(y) multi-year hardcover student volume and full-size key

$225  Bundle #2
For those desiring to add an additional student volume to Bundle #1 (not required
same volume can be used by multiple students!)